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enjoy cottage and sauna like a local

We offer excursions for small groups into to heart of Finnish nature. We take you to a cozy cottage by the lake in beautiful Kanta-Häme or Pirkanmaa… 

Aulanko national landscape

Join us for a peaceful, guided walk (about 3 km) in Aulanko nature reserve. You can experience one of the breathtaking national landscape from Aulanko hill…

Live and cook like a local

We eat a  lunch together utilizing organic ingredients freshly picked from our backyard garden, forest or local shop and learn to bake Finnish cinnamon bun or berry pie…

sauna and relax in Ahvenisto

We will start our adventure with a 2 km hike around the 30 m deep clear water lake, where you can appreciate the rich and diverse…

We offer you a cultural immersion through diverse traditional activities and nature experiences.

Reissusiskot/ Trip sisters, at your service

We are qualified and experienced wilderness guides with a great passion for the outdoors and Finnish way of life which we aim to share with our guests. We offer foreigners an opportunity to get immersed into our culture by experiencing the wonders of our daily lives through outdoor excursions and the comfort of our homes.  

Our services are planned and implemented with deep care for our environment. We focus on small group bonding and making sure everyone feels included, safe and comfortable. Shared, empowered experiences, new friendships, and everyone’s enjoyment is our goal. We are happy when our guests are happy!

We provide a range of activities including sauna and swimming in lakes, hiking, picking berries and mushrooms, canoeing, snowshoeing, skating, skiing and much more. We listen to our customer’s wishes and cater accordingly. For more details about our different programs … We look forward to creating long lasting memories with you!

Our excursions vary in length, environment and accomodation. Either way, as our guest you will experience a true, traditional Finnish life in beautiful Kanta-Häme or Pirkanmaa. During your stay you are our dearest guest, and we want you to feel at home.

Satu Nurmi

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Tarja Salmi

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Reissusiskot Oy / Trip Sister Ltd.

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