Sauna and Relax in Ahvenisto

Relaxing walk, sauna and dip into a lake

We will meet you in the rare nature reserve of Ahvenisto Hämeenlinna,  where the remains of the ice age are still clearly visible.

We will start our adventure with a 2 km walk around the 30 m deep clearwater lake, where you can appreciate the rich and diverse vegetation, and learn about the geological formations of the area. There are numerous types of forests in Ahvenisto and the average age of the trees is over 100 years old. The reserve is also recognized for its primeval arid forest where balancing rocks stand upright, and windblown hollow trees are left untouched. More than 130 species of birds have been spotted in the area.

After our easy stroll around the lake, we will relax in the local sauna, and dip into the refreshings lake. Swimming in the lake is possible for the daring, both winter and summer. During wintertime there is a swimming hole in the otherwise ice covered lake.

After we are finished with our main activities, we will treat you with juice and traditional grilled Finnish sausage. The trip in total takes about 3 hours and the price is 59  € / person, minimum 236 €.
Meeting point in Ahvenisto. The package includes:

  • 2 km guided hike in the rare nature reserve of Ahvenisto
  • Sauna and swimming
  • Water or juice and traditional Finnish sausage for participants
  • Experienced/Professional local wilderness guides

What to bring:

  1.  A comfortable pair of shoes to walk in
  2.  Towel and a swimsuit.
  3. Personal hygiene kit
  4. A change of clothes after sauna

Other considerations:

Advance booking is required.

Transportation can be arranged for a different price.

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